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We know how challenging it is to protect building occupants and support the legal requirements imposed on your business. We can give you the technology you need to maintain compliance and provide training for the safety and security of people in your building.

Management Plans

An Emergency Management Plan is the Blueprint of what we do in the event of an Emergency within your workplace. It should cover all potential emergencies, and MUST include how to respond in the event of a Fire. In Queensland the Building Fire Safety Regulations (BFSR) legislate these requirements while other states hold AS 3745-2010 as best practice for all workplaces.
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Evacuation Diagrams

Every workplace greater than 300m2 in size MUST display an Evacuation Diagram or “Roadmap to Safety” for use in the event of an Emergency. AS 3745-2010,  and in Queensland the Building Fire Safety Regulations (BFSR),  lay out these requirements in detail. Australian Compliance Management can ensure your Diagrams are completed to the required standard and comply with current legislation.
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Safety Audit

A Fire Safety Audit should be conducted on an Annual basis to ensure that ALL fire safety measures have been maintained regularly, Evacuation Diagrams remain accurate, Emergency Management Plans have been reviewed and Fire Safety Training has been completed within your workplace. Our Fire Safety Advisors are able to assist you with this.
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Australian Compliance Management

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General and
First Response Training

Occupants have a responsibility within the facilities emergency response procedures to ensure any staff have received General and First Response Training. Our training and compliance platform PlanSafe focuses on the actions to be taken by all building occupants.

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Fire Warden

Australian Compliance Management also provides ECO member training (Fire Wardens etc.)  to ensure these persons are adequately trained to respond in an emergency situation. Our training and compliance platform Plansafe will be invaluable for your ECO to ensure you are, and remain to be, Fire Safety Compliant.

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