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Australian Compliance Management (ACM) was created to help demystify the complexities of the Fire Safety requirements and streamline these processes for everyday businesses in Australia.
As an avid motorsport fan and experienced Race Team Manager, Mark Slade, our CEO, knows only too well how regular compliance checking and testing can save lives. Australian Motorsport has had its fair share of potentially catastrophic accidents over the years and if it weren’t for the stringent controls and pre-race checks placed upon teams by the Confederation of Australian Motorsport (CAMS), Mark could have lost a good friend and fellow business associate.
The time and expense taken to adhere to complying with CAMS Race Requirements pales into insignificance when you see your teams race car burst into a ball of fire and there is nothing you can do but trust that the safety systems work.

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Mark’s experiences in motorsport sparked an interest in keeping people safe.
This Started initially with his Fire Safety and Electrical Maintenance business, AWTT, ensuring that all safety equipment was cared for using best practice and to the correct standard. He soon realised however, that there was real confusion surrounding Regulations, Acts, Standards and the complexities of not having a national approach to Fire Safety. Out of this confusion was born Australian Compliance Management (ACM).
Mark has developed a real passion for the safety of the most vulnerable in our community, and does extensive work with businesses within Childcare, Aged Care, Disability Support and Mental Health. ACM however also assists all industries with their Fire Safety and Emergency Management and currently embraces clients in legal services, manufacturing, warehousing and retail amongst others.
Our team lives and breathes fire safety and emergency management and are well versed in the legislated requirements placed on different industries federally, and in each State and Territory. Whatever industry you represent, one of our guides can walk you through the requirements for your organisation, conduct an audit of your current state, and map out the path to full compliance.

Mark Slade ( CEO )
Aged Care

James Harmon — Our National Aged Care Advisor

The greatest joy I've experienced during my career has been derived from those roles where I’ve been able to have a direct impact on improving people's lives. I have worked to assist those experiencing unemployment, homelessness, and those in need of child and family protection. In more recent times I have worked to ensure that our elder citizens receive the highest quality care possible and are safe and secure. I am a values-driven leader with corporate and operational management experience. I appear to have been most valued for my ability to transform culture within organisations, build and maintain relationships, achieve targets and goals, and work collaboratively internally and externally to address community-wide issues. I have obtained a Masters Degree in Organisational Change and have worked in numerous sectors including Government, Not-for-Profit, and For-Profit.

My current passion is working with the amazing team at Australian Compliance Management assisting childcare and aged care providers to implement national best practice Fire Safety & Emergency Management policies, practices, and systems. I love that I have the opportunity to protect our most valuable assets — our children and our Elders.

James Harmon ( National Aged Care Advisor )
Child Care

Paul Henry-Cornish — Our Business Development Manager

For my entire career, I have enjoyed dedicating myself to looking after peoples needs. I have owned and operated Hospitality venues and managed sales teams for large specialty coffee roasters.

Having met so many people through my prior vocation, I noticed a pattern in the needs and wants of individuals. The pattern led me to hold myself to three principles that still hold true today: listen to people’s needs, provide an experience or service that is special, and provide an environment or skillset to make them feel safe and secure.

After becoming a father, I realised that not only did I want to provide an environment where my family felt safe, I also wanted to provide an environment where they were safe.

Through ACM, I was presented a wonderful opportunity where my new vocation has become to help protect the vulnerable in our communities. I still listen so I may provide the right tools; I still provide the service and experience that is second to none; and I now help provide the environments to keep people safe.

Michael Demicoli ( Business Development Manager )
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We use today's technology to make emergency management and compliance as simple as possible. Ensuring the safety of the people in our care doesn't have to be difficult.

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