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Aged Care Emergency Management

Time Poor? Resource Poor? Frustrated with Compliance Requirements? — Let us take the pressure off — we will guide you through the complexities of Aged Care compliance and leave you time to focus on what you do best, provide care and attention to your residents and clients.

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No one wants to have an Emergency, certainly not in Aged Care. Unfortunately, sometimes the unexpected happens.
We can assess your compliance requirements, map out a plan to meet them, and do most of the work for you — with your input of course!
Let us guide your people to ensure they are ready to face any emergency that arises. We all hope that it will never happen... but what if??
Whether you have 1 site or 100, we can help you:

  • Know your exit paths.
  • Have an Emergency Plan.
  • Train Fire Wardens and Staff.
  • Meet your legal obligations.
  • Rehearse Evacuation Drills.
  • Conduct a Fire Safety Audit.
  • Keep Fire Safety docs current.
  • Keep all training records current.
  • Have peace of mind.
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Safety Review

Fire Safety | Evacuation Drill | Pre-Accreditation | New Acquisition | Current State to Compliant

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Evacuation Diagram

Advice | Design | Production | Orientation | Placement | Replacement | Call a Guide and Get a Quote

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Emergency Management Plan

Consultation | Development | Industry & Site Specific | AS 3745-2010 | Fully Compliant Nationally

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Fire Training

Online | First Response, Warden & Contractor Training | Site & Industry Specific | Reporting  

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Software Platform | Evac Diagrams | Plans | Online Learning | Document Management | Audit Ready

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Our job is to listen and guide so that you can succeed!!
Mark Slade, CEO
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Three steps to creating an easy to read Emergency Evacuation Diagram for your aged care facility: Step One — Keep it Simple, Step Two — Keep it Concise, Step Three — Only Show what Occupants Need to Know.

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Emergency Planning for Aged Care — The Basics Part 2

Are You Prepared For An Emergency In Your Building???

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Online Fire Safety & Emergency Management Training

Does Fire Safety & Emergency Management Training Have To Be Delivered Face-To-Face??? — The Short Answer Is NO!

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