A Fire Safety Audit includes a review of your installed fire and safety measures including emergency and exit lighting systems, adequacy and level of fire safety installations, interface testing, fire extinguishers and alarm systems. Once completed we will provide you with a detailed report of our audit.

Audits and Fire Safety Inspections

Australian Compliance Management can undertake a comprehensive audit of a building to determine any fire safety compliance and risk deficiencies, including but not limited to:

  • Inspection of all fire safety measures and paths of travel with the building to verify consistency with the nominated standards of performance.
  • Verification that fire safety installations are being maintained to the required standards.
  • Gap analysis between current fire code requirements and the requirements in force at the time of building construction.
  • Identification of adverse practices presenting increased risk to life and property.
  • Verification that storage practices are consistent with sprinkler/hydrant design requirements.

Annual Fire Safety Reviews

Australian Compliance Management can coordinate and facilitate annual System Interface Testing, which would typically involve the following:

  • Australian Compliance Management can provide Annual Fire Safety Reviews to ensure you remain compliant with regulations.
  • Review system design and specification documentation, including complex fire engineering performance solutions
  • Coordinate the attendance of relevant contractors associated with each interfaced fire safety system.

  • Supervise and direct contractor activities during testing and independently witness system functionality

  • Prepare a report which prioritises defects according to greatest impact on life safety and property protection

Fire Safety Advice Services

Sometimes you just need someone to check what you are doing is correct. Australian Compliance Management are able to provide this service and offer recommendations and advice.

Fire Safety Compliance Checks

Australian Compliance Management Annual Fire Safety Certification program is also offered as a standalone service to assist property owners, managers and occupiers in ensuring all active fire protection systems that interface through a building operates according to design and specification. We can then assist you with meeting any compliance challenges.

Building Inspection Reports

We can provide a thorough report of your commercial building for you.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail so you are fully aware of upcoming maintenance or rectification works required.  Regardless of the type of building you have, warehouse, office block or other, our experts will conduct a complete investigation to give you piece of mind.

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