Audits and Fire Safety Inspections

In order to comply with Australian safety standards all new commercial buildings must undergo an audit and fire safety inspection. Australian Compliance Management can conduct this vital work for your new property, ensuring that a comprehensive audit takes place and that everything is in full compliance before you begin trading or open your building for public use.

The audit will cover fire safety compliance and risk deficiencies. Some of the areas we inspect include fire safety measures and paths of travel: where are your fire extinguishers located and what is the best escape route, as well as any fire door security. We will also verify that fire safety installations are being maintained to required standards and check that there is no gap between current fire code stipulations and those in place at the time of construction.

It’s vitally important that safety practices are in line with required standards as it can pose a serious risk to life. Australian Compliance Management always ensures consistency with the nominated standards of performance.

Annual Fire Safety Reviews

Australian Compliance Management can coordinate and facilitate an annual Systems Interface Test that will make sure all systems are operating in parallel and are optimised for current safety practices. An annual fire safety review such as this means your building is not only fire safe and adheres to national standards but is also cheaper to insure.

The process typically involves a thorough audit of the building, testing all fire safety systems and procedures to confirm they are up to date and compliant with current regulations. We will review the fire safety design and specification documentation, which includes the complex fire engineering performance solutions for this building. This is an in-depth analytical process that can cost your company time and resources to ensure full compliance without third party intervention.

We will coordinate the attendance of relevant contractors associated with each interfaced fire safety system, supervise and direct contractor activities during testing, and independently witness the system’s functionality. A report will then be prepared which prioritises defects according to greatest threats to life and property.

Fire Safety Advice Services

If you are only in need of reliable fire safety advice and not a full audit or extensive cover, Australian Compliance Management can provide this service, along with recommendations for best practices. This can be invaluable for businesses who are unsure about fire safety compliance in Australia or need some help to bring a newly acquired building up to standard.

Australian Compliance Management can provide you with information on how to carry out a fire risk assessment on your own; we can tell you what to look out for in terms of severe fire risks, potential hazards, and what you will need for full compliance with the national authorities. Advice on how to reduce personal risk with some basic fire harm reduction information can be invaluable for your building and for your staff safety.

If you have a new or existing commercial property and have not tested its fire safety for a while it may be time for an audit. At the very least, you should contact Australian Compliance Management for advice on current best practices for your specific situation.

Fire Safety Compliance Checks

Australian Compliance Management’s Annual Fire Safety Certification program is also offered as a standalone service. That means you don’t have to sign up for a premium annual service to ensure that your commercial property is fireproof and safe for you and your staff to work in.

This service can be of use to property owners or managers and occupiers, who are unsure whether their building meets with present national fire safety requirements. It’s essential that they do, and if you contact Australian Compliance Management we can perform a one-off audit to verify your building’s fire protection systems are operating in compliance with regulations – we can then assist you in making any necessary upgrades.

Building Inspection Reports

We can provide a thorough report of your commercial building for you.  We pride ourselves on our attention to detail so you are fully aware of upcoming maintenance or rectification works required.  Regardless of the type of building you have, warehouse, office block or other, our experts will conduct a complete investigation to give you piece of mind.

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