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Trudy Brook


Affinity Education Group has established itself as one of the leaders in Early Childcare Education, employing early childhood specialists in each of their 150+ locations to ensure the highest quality education and care for their young charges.  Like every other business in Australia, Affinity Education is required to meet legislated requirements and standards related to Work Health & Safety, Fire Safety, and Emergency Management.

The Challenge

The challenge for Affinity Education was to meet compliance requirements for Federal and different State and Territory legislation, ensure each of its more than 150 buildings across different states and territories met Work Health & Safety and Fire Safety standards, and that all of its employees were properly inducted and trained on what to do in an emergency.  During the Global Pandemic it was also imperative that employees had access to an online learning portal to ensure required education and training could be completed without bringing in external trainers, which could increase the possibility of spreading infection.

The PlanSafe Solution

Australian Compliance Management recommended the implementation of PlanSafe, a product that would ensure Affinity Education received:
  • site specific, interactive Emergency Evacuation Diagrams for each of its premises.
  • site specific Emergency Management Plans highlighting strategies to implement in the event of any kind of emergency, together with roles and responsibilities of staff and visiting contractors, e.g. those with specific roles such as Chief Warden, Warden, or members of the Emergency Planning Committee.
  • an online learning platform specifically designed for comprehensive induction and ongoing training for employees, a library of 70 emergency services certified videos for Employees, First Responders and Wardens, and all customised to Affinity’s requirements.
  • capability for Local, Area, and Corporate Managers to monitor learning outcomes online, produce internal reports on employee compliance, and produce on the spot reports for auditors and assessors.
By implementing the PlanSafe product, Affinity Education Group has now achieved its goals of streamlining their documentation, document storage, and training processes for fire compliance.  All Centres have had their evacuation diagrams updated, and their site-specific training designed to include how to evacuate children safely from their Centres.
Emergency Management Plan


As an Area Manager, I volunteered for PlanSafe to be rolled out to my group of centres first. I can see the value of having all the documentation and training stored in one easy to access location. This helps me to ensure all my Centres are up to date and continue to remain compliant.

It was not long after rolling out PlanSafe with Australian Compliance Management that one of my Centres experienced a small fire in the kitchen. The situation was handled perfectly, and for me as their Area Manager, I knew that this team had recently conducted their rehearsed evacuation drills, I knew that the Centre Manager and Chief Wardens had conducted their Chief Fire Warden training and all other educators were trained in how to deal with such an emergency.

I have used this Centre’s situation as an example to reiterate the importance of keeping up with the required training, ensuring emergency drills have been conducted regularly, fire emergency kits are audited, first aid kits are audited, and I have educators in the Centre with the right skills, qualifications, and training at all times. The introduction of the Visitor Training has also been very helpful. The Department has been extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and compliance demonstrated when visiting to conduct Assessments and Ratings in our Centres.

Trudy Brook — Area Manager for Affinity Education Group

Australian Compliance Management (ACM)

Utilising PlanSafe, ACM helps businesses become and remain compliant with all aspects of Building and Workplace Fire Safety.

We enjoy removing the complexities of all the varying regulations and provide one simple concise solution that becomes part of the culture and not just a document hidden in a drawer.

Mark Slade — CEO of Australian Compliance Management

Through access to the PlanSafe online learning portal, ACM offers its clients flexible and cost-effective delivery of education and training for their employees and contractors.