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Are you prepared for an Emergency in your building???

Fire Training

How Sure Are You That Staff Know What To Do In An Emergency?

What if around 15 Cents Per Bed Per Day could make you very confident!!

Online Training

Introducing PlanSafe into your organisation from 15 cents per bed per day can ensure that every:

  • staff member
  • agency staff member
  • volunteer
  • contractor, and
  • regular visitor (family member)

completes General First Response Training and/or Warden Training (dependant on their role in an emergency) either at work or at home, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This training negates the need for a face-to-face trainer and requires participants to undertake assessments for the modules they complete. This means that people actually have to prove they understand the training, not just sign an attendance sheet. In a pandemic situation like the one we are currently facing it is even more imperative that we find alternatives to bringing in external face-to-face trainers.

Summary of Benefits:

  • all new staff complete General First Response Training prior to attending your site
  • all new volunteers complete Volunteer Fire Training prior to attending your site
  • all staff with Warden responsibilities complete their Warden Training online and receive one-on-one training from the Chief Warden on the workings of the Fire Indicator Panel on site
  • the Agencies contracted to your service to provide temporary staff can ensure that any staff member attending your facility has completed the appropriate modules before commencing their shift
  • all new contractors complete the contractor training prior to attending your site
  • regular visitors to your sites (family and friends) can complete Visitor Fire Training – this also meets the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s inclusion expectations
  • Facility/Residence Managers, State Managers and Corporate Office can check completion rates online at any time
  • all existing staff members, agency staff, volunteers, contractors, and visitors who have completed their training will receive automatic reminders when their training is due for completion again – in line with the Australian Standards or whatever timeframes your organisation’s policy requires
  • all training records are kept online and are available for audit and accreditation purposes
  • you don’t need to bring an external contractor on site to deliver training
  • key staff members don’t need to wait for the delivery of face-to-face training and miss shifts because they are non-compliant.

When you review your “per bed per day” costs for Laundry Services, Cleaning, Maintenance and Catering, suddenly 15 cents per bed per day doesn’t seem a great deal to ensure that everyone in your care has the best possible chance of making it to safety should the unexpected actually happen.

The documents that guide your compliance for Fire Safety and Emergency Management are:

ACM has chosen to partner with PlanSafe to help residential aged care and in-home care businesses just like yours become and remain compliant with all aspects of Building and Workplace Fire Safety.

We enjoy removing the complexities to provide one simple concise solution that becomes part of the culture and not just a document hidden in a drawer

Mark Slade, CEO of Australian Compliance Management

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