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Does fire safety & emergency management training have to be delivered face-to-face??? — The short answer is NO!

So, what are the requirements?

As our guide in responding to our clients who ask the question about face-to-face training, we refer to Safe Work Australia (SWA), and they indicate that the following be considered in determining training requirements:

  • inclusion of emergency procedure training in induction courses for new workers
  • provision of refresher training for existing workers
  • provision of training for short-term contractors or visitors at the workplace (this may not need to be as extensive as may be required for workers), and
  • provision of specific training for individuals who have a formal role in an emergency for example fire wardens, floor wardens, first aid officers.

All of this can be done through online learning, and the statistics indicate a substantially higher retention of knowledge utilising online learning as opposed to face-to-face scenarios. Let’s face it, people don’t usually want to be there, and unless the presentation is unusually riveting, you’ve lost them after the first 5 minutes.

Online learning also gives you the opportunity to test people’s knowledge and understanding, not just sign an attendance sheet!

Site orientation and induction is of course a requirement. That is your opportunity to show new staff and contractors around the building, point out the Fire Indicator Panel, fire exits, your installed firefighting equipment, and which machinery might need to be turned off in an emergency. Apart from that, the only practical requirement is the conduct of evacuation exercises or drills.

Fire Safety & Emergency Management Training, Does it Have to be Delivered Face-to-Face

What are the Benefits to Your Organisation?

Utilising PlanSafe, our online training and induction portal, we achieve learning outcomes that comply with:

  • Current Workplace Health and Safety Legislation
  • Building Fire Safety Regulations, and
  • Australian Standards (AS 3745-2010).

Our learning outcomes have also been validated by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES).

The specific benefits you receive include:

  • All staff and volunteers complete General First Response Training, pass the assessment components, are knowledgeable about emergencies, what to do, and how to evacuate.
  • All staff and volunteers receive automated reminders to complete their training in line with your organisation’s specific requirements.
  • All contractors complete their required components and receive automated reminders when your organisation requires them to update.
  • All staff with additional responsibilities during an Emergency, i.e. Chief Wardens, Floor or Area Wardens, and First Aid Officers complete Emergency Control Organisation (ECO – Warden Team) training in addition to their General First Response Training.
  • Reports of fire training compliance can be run by local managers, State Managers, and Corporate Office.
  • All your training records are maintained online in one place — these records, together with copies of fire safety and emergency management audits, audit rectification records and your Fire Safety and Emergency Management Plan are kept in one place and available for compliance audits.

One of the other benefits of utilising online learning in your business is that each assessment only takes 20-30 minutes and can be available to a new staff member, a volunteer, or a new contractor, as part of their onboarding. As the building owner or occupier you meet compliance requirements by ensuring that all occupants are trained in how to respond to an emergency. Better still, it can be performed out of work hours, adding no cost to the organisation, and providing flexibility for staff and contractors.

The Link to Emergency Evacuation Exercises!!

At a minimum, Australian Compliance Management encourages our clients to have their Warden Team undertake refresher training prior to conducting an evacuation drill. Depending on the size of the workforce at a site, it can be worthwhile having all staff undertake their refresher training before a drill. A 20-minute refresher session can make a world of difference to the outcome. Once a building occupant has completed and been assessed on their online site-specific training, they better understand the evacuation options for their building and all installed fire equipment. In the case of Warden Team (Emergency Control Organisation) training, these staff are educated and tested on the specific actions they need to follow when an emergency arises.

Online Fire Safety & Emergency Management Training

Interested in finding out more?

At Australian Compliance Management our team of designers and guides lives and breathes fire safety and emergency management. We believe that it shouldn’t be difficult to protect the people in your care, and we work hand in hand with you to make sure it isn’t!

What we can do for you!

Our team members take information from your Emergency Evacuation Diagrams and Fire Safety & Emergency Management Plan, and create tailored, site specific online training for all your staff, contractors and visitors. You can make it a requirement that all NEW staff, volunteers, and contractors complete the required level of training before attending your sites.

Call and speak to one of our professional guides to get more information and perhaps organise an onsite visit so that we can better understand the environment you work in and the issues you face day to day.

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