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Have you ever wondered why you need to keep all that paperwork??? Because you just have to!!!!

Yes, you have to have firefighting equipment installed and you need to have it regularly inspected and maintained – that’s not only because you want to keep everyone in your buildings safe, it’s also a legal requirement.

The Formal Requirements

Keeping people safe through Fire Safety and Emergency Management Planning is at the heart of every piece of National, State and Territory legislation, regulation, code, and standard in Australia. At Australian Compliance Management (ACM), our job is to help your people make sense of the requirements on your business, and to make it simple for them to keep your people and your property safe and be legally compliant, whether your business is within one jurisdiction or across all of them.

Record Keeping

Yes, you have to keep records of inspections and of the maintenance you’ve carried out on your equipment. Again, this demonstrates the value you place on keeping your clients and your staff safe should anything happen. Each State and Territory within Australia has different rules and regulations that need to be followed. Click this link for a detailed explanation of each State and Territory’s requirements.

The Team at ACM, lives and breathes fire safety legislation, regulations, codes, and standards, and when anything changes in any of Australia’s jurisdictions, they are all over it. Each Team member is also an expert in our PlanSafe product, a software solution that enables ACM to generate interactive and intuitive evacuation diagrams, organisation and site specific online First Response and Fire Warden Training, and to keep all of your training records, Service Records and Annual Certification documentation in one place.

So, when Fire and Emergency Services walks through the door and asks to see records of your fire equipment maintenance, your training records, and evidence of your fire safety drills, you just log in to PlanSafe and all your records are in one easy to access place. Talk to the team on 1300 206 006 to organise a demo – you’ll be amazed!!

At Australian Compliance Management we help you prepare for those emergencies
we hope will never happen!