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Stephen Kiely


Nu-Pure is a family-owned business that manufactures 100% Australian made beverages and proudly uses 100% recycled plastic. They are committed to seeking out sustainable manufacturing and packaging solutions, and are proud to produce innovative and premium, quality beverages in Australia. Nu-Pure has sites in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria. Like every other business in Australia, Nu-Pure is required to meet legislated requirements and standards related to Work Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Emergency Management.

The Challenge

The challenge for Nu-Pure was to meet compliance requirements for Federal legislation and different State Standards and Codes, but also to find a way to train all staff in Fire Safety and Emergency Management without having to shut down the 24 hour, 7 day a week manufacturing process. Stephen Kiely, Manufacturing Training Coordinator for Nu-Pure, was looking for a service provider that could meet both challenges.

The PlanSafe Solution

One of our Guides at Australian Compliance Management recommended the implementation of PlanSafe to Stephen, a product that would ensure Nu-Pure received:
  • site specific, interactive Emergency Evacuation Diagrams for each of its premises.
  • site specific Emergency Management Plans highlighting strategies to implement in the event of any kind of emergency, together with roles and responsibilities of staff and visiting contractors e.g. those with specific roles such as Chief Warden, Warden, or First Aid Officer.
  • an online learning platform specifically designed for comprehensive induction and ongoing training for employees, a library of 70 emergency services certified videos for Employees, First Responders and Wardens, and all customised to Nu-Pure’s requirements.
  • capability for local, State, and Corporate managers to monitor learning outcomes online, produce internal reports on employee compliance, and produce on the spot reports for auditors and assessors.
By implementing the PlanSafe product, Nu-Pure has now achieved its goals of having an on-line learning platform for all employees and contractors and maintaining compliance with all fire safety and emergency management Standards and Codes.


Having responsibility for site training at Nu-Pure, it was important to me, and to our business that we find a way to ensure all our staff and contractors could be comprehensively trained without having to interrupt the manufacturing process.

I contacted Australian Compliance Management (ACM) and was excited to find that all their Fire Safety and Emergency Management training could be delivered through an online learning platform that staff and contractors could access at work or at home, and that I could run reports from that system to monitor employee and contractor compliance in completing training requirements. On top of that, ACM completed a site visit, generated new site-specific Emergency Evacuation Diagrams and Emergency Management Plans, and confirmed for me that we were now Fire Safety & Emergency Management compliant.

Utilising ACM’s PlanSafe product has saved the company money by not having to shut down the 24/7 manufacturing process, but also enables us to keep all of our Fire Safety & Emergency Management training records, evidence of fire safety audits, rectification records and our Emergency Management Plans in a single location on the PlanSafe platform. When we are audited, we now have all our records and documentation available online in a single location. We couldn’t be happier.

Stephen Kiely — Manufacturing Training Coordinator


Australian Compliance Management (ACM)

Utilising PlanSafe, ACM helps businesses become and remain compliant with all aspects of Building and Workplace Fire Safety.

We enjoy removing the complexities of all the varying regulations, and provide one simple, concise solution that becomes part of the culture and not just a document hidden in a drawer.”

Mark Slade — CEO of Australian Compliance Management

Through access to the PlanSafe online learning portal, ACM offers its clients flexible and cost-effective delivery of education and training for their employees and contractors.