Online Learning Refund & Cancellation Policy

This policy does not apply to an other services offered by Australian Compliance Management.


Australian Compliance Management will refund fees and charges to self enrolling online learners who cancel or withdraw from their course according to the criteria listed below.


Course cancellation

Australian Compliance Management reserves the right to cancel a course if insufficient learners enrol in it, or if circumstances beyond our control require us to do so.  Australian Compliance Management will provide learners with a full fee refund in this situation.


Fee for service courses

Learner cancellation

Refunds will be calculated according to the following table.


Number of days’ noticeRefund
Online/correspondence courses
Within 10 days of the enrolment confirmation date (cooling off period)

Providing course completion Certificate has not been issued.

Full refund of fees


Clients who wish to cancel a course/unit of competency/module will need to apply for a refund of fees in writing to Australian Compliance Management by sending an email, stating the reason for the request for refund and where applicable, including evidence to substantiate the claim submitted to the General Manager for processing. Email is

The first initial response from Australian Compliance Management for these types of requests will be a review of the student’s circumstance with a view to approving an extension of time to finish the course.

Learner Transfer

As an alternative to course cancellation, and provided the request falls within four days of the course starting, Australian Compliance Management will allow a learner to transfer their enrolment to the next available same course.

Any fees and charges paid by the learner will transfer to the next course.


Substitution (short course)

A learner may request to transfer their course enrolment to another person, and tell Australian Compliance Management this in writing, before the course starts. At the discretion of Australian Compliance Management may restrict substitutions depending on the amount of notice provided. Australian Compliance Management reserves the right to confirm or reject substitution.

Deferment (short course)

In special circumstances Australian Compliance Management may allow a learner who has commenced their course to defer to the                future course. In this situation, the pro-rata of fees paid will be used as credit to pay for the remainder of the same course at a future date. The pro-rata fees credit cannot be transferred to another person. The credit is non-refundable. Deferment must be approved by the CEO or their authorised delegate.



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