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Fire Training

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Fire Training

Our team understands that your people, like most, are time poor and resource poor, and just want to get on with delivering quality care and/or services and goods. For all our existing clients, but particularly for those in the Childcare and Aged Care industries, living through the COVID-19 pandemic has made everyone cautious about exposing staff and clients to the risk of infection.

We can help with that!!

Our online PlanSafe learning portal eliminates the risks involved in bringing external contractors on site to deliver face to face training.


Talk to one of our Guides who can outline the process we go through to develop online training that is site specific and can be completed at work or at home, 24 hours a day. Our Guides can also talk you through what we can do to add some of your other current face to face training to the PlanSafe portal e.g., Induction Training.

Our job is to listen to your specific requirements, and guide you through the process we will take to develop online learning to meet all your General Evacuation & First Response and Warden Training needs.


Your people, at all your sites, are the key to safe and prompt evacuation during an emergency. Providing your people with up to date, targeted (depending on their roles and responsibilities), online education and training is crucial to the success of your Emergency Planning and Evacuation processes.


What we can do for you!

Our team members take information from your Emergency Evacuation Diagrams and Fire Safety & Emergency Management Plan, and create tailored, site specific online training for all your staff, contractors and visitors. You can make it a requirement that all NEW staff, volunteers, and contractors complete the required level of training before attending your sites.


The Benefits to Your Organisation

  • All staff and volunteers complete General Evacuation & First Response Training, pass the assessment components, are knowledgeable about emergencies, what to do, and how to evacuate.
  • All staff and volunteers receive automated reminders to complete their training in line with your organisation’s specific requirements.
  • All contractors complete their required components and receive automated reminders when your organisation requires them to update.
  • All staff with additional responsibilities during an Emergency, i.e., Chief Wardens, Floor or Area Wardens, and First Aid Officers complete Emergency Control Organisation (ECO – Warden Team) training in addition to their General Evacuation & First Response Training.
  • Reports of fire training compliance can be run by local managers, State Managers, and Corporate Office.
  • All your training records are maintained online in one place — these records, together with copies of fire safety and emergency management audits, audit rectification records and your Emergency Management Plan are kept in one place and available for compliance audits.

We train your Employees, Volunteers, Contractors, and Visitors to deal with any kind of Emergency and keep your People and your Property Safe.

People Have Asked

First Response Fire Training is the basic information every employee needs to know about the workplace that will assist them in evacuating in the event of an emergency. Each employee must know how to use each piece of portable fire fighting equipment located in your workplace, should the worst occur. They also need to understand the warning tones or alerts used to announce an evacuation and if this occurs, what signs to follow and where to meet when they escape. Think of this training as your flight attendant in the Office providing your with your Pre-Flight Check.

When an Emergency arises within your workplace, the ECO or Fire Warden Team will swing into action to co-ordinate the safe and timely evacuation of the premises. This ECO team could consist of, Chief and Deputy Chief Warden, Floor Wardens and Wardens, First Aid Officers and Communication Officers. After completing ECO Training, you will be able to implement and coordinate the Emergency Response Procedures outlined in your workplaces Emergency Management Plan and how best to: 1) Alert and communicate with Emergency Services about the potential emergency. 2) Evaluate the need to evacuate the workplace in an emergency situation. 3) Prepare and Arrange the Evacuation. 4) Assist people in accordance with the Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP).

As a business owner, you are responsible for providing First Response Evacuation Training to every employee within 2 days of them commencing employment in the building. Each Building must have at least one ECO Member who has been provided with the required ECO – Fire Warden Training. An employee should not be provided Fire Warden training unless they have worked in the building for at least 30 days and have completed the First Response Evacuation Training.

No — There is no legislative requirement that states that Fire Safety Training must be conducted face-to-face. In fact, it has been proven that the retention rates of online training is between 25-60%, whereby face-to-face training is only between 8-10% in comparison. In our opinion, the main emphasis should be to reflect the site-specific details of each workplace, and only the safety measures actually installed at your workplace.

As a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that each employee reviews and re-sits their First Response Evacuation Training every 24 months in Queensland, and every 12 Months in all other states. Employees should also review this training within one month of any change to the layout of the Building. The employer must also maintain records of this training being performed. ECO – Fire Warden Training must be reviewed every 12 Months in Queensland and every 6 Months in all other states.

Australian Compliance Management, along with its integrated PlanSafe Training and Emergency Management Platform, can develop Fire Safety Training specific to your work environment and include all the different aspects of safety installed in your building.