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Emergency Management Platform

Software Platform | Evac Diagrams | Plans | Online Learning | Document Management | Audit Ready

Emergency Management Platform

With PlanSafe, you can store all your compliance documentation in one safe and secure spot. We can help you embed PlanSafe into your operational procedures so that it becomes part of the culture of your business.

Imagine being able to send “The Department” a link to your site induction and request them to complete YOUR induction procedure before they enter your site?  How impressed would they be and how good would you feel knowing that you have created a culture that achieves the highest level of safety within your industry.

What’s this email I have just received from next weeks Assessment? PlanSafe? Huh? These guys are setting the bar high..!! I cant wait to visit now.

Once you become an ACM Client, you have access to the vast level of knowledge and experience within our business.

  • We establish your own secure online PlanSafe environment that is just for your group of locations, be it 1 or 300.
  • Your Evacuation Diagrams will be re-mastered by one of our designers using our PlanStudio Software, updated to reflect any changes to your building, and incorporate the latest changes to the relevant Standards, Regulations and Codes. These will then be uploaded to your PlanSafe platform for incorporation into your Emergency Management Plan and Online Training. You also have them to print and put up around your building.
  • One of our Guides will review your current corporate policies and procedures, then with your assistance, develop your own Emergency Management Plan templates to cover ALL emergencies that may be relevant to each of your sites.
  • With all this done, you now have site-specific online training that you can require staff and contractors to complete. Training that can be completed at home or at work 24/7, that fulfills all legislative requirements for your business, and actually means something because it’s tailored to each of your sites.

You may currently conduct other workplace induction training or other face to face content-based training you would prefer was delivered online – we can do that for you too!! Our team has guided businesses across numerous industries to develop specialised Induction Training Modules that are stored within PlanSafe, saving time, and ensuring all employees understand the importance of safety.

Evacuation Drill Rehearsals are not only a requirement, but an important part of ensuring the safety of all those in your care. PlanSafe helps you ensure that your staff know what to do in an emergency, and also helps you document and review your procedures to ensure your team is across anything that may impact their safety.

To prepare you for compliance audits, PlanSafe keeps all your training records together with copies of all fire safety and emergency management audits, audit rectification records and your Emergency Management Plans in one secure location. Everything you need in one place.


Let’s Plan To Always Be Safe.

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