“All I want Is to make sure everyone is Safe, and that I have done as much as possible to ensure that everyone has a fighting chance should anything happen.”

Fire Safety Review

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Let one of our Fire Safety Guides walk through your workplace and give you peace of mind. By reviewing your current Policies and Procedures and getting a better understanding of your environment, we can better understand the challenges you might face. We can work together to fill any gaps and develop a plan that works for your individual requirements.


Let’s Plan to Always be Safe.


Fire Safety Review

At Australian Compliance Management our team of Guides live and breathe fire safety legislation, regulations, codes, and standards so that we can help clients like you to demystify the fire safety compliance requirements on their businesses and keep their employees, clients, and property safe.

When we complete our visit, you will receive a report that includes a review of:

The report will include the results of the review and recommendations for the rectification of any issues of non-compliance. Our Guide will walk you through any Immediate gaps and a member of our team will be in touch to go through the report with you and discuss our findings in more detail.

Where are the gate keys? Who’s got the attendance roll? Where are we supposed to go again? Wait, who put this stack of old tyres up against the back gate..!?!?!  Here’s the key… wait, no that’s not the one..!!


Don’t let this be you, let’s work together, and plan to be safe…


Evacuation Drill Review

All the best Athletes and Artists rehearse before a big event. Emergency Evacuations should be no different. In some ways, this could be the biggest event of your life, it could be make or break.

At Australian Compliance Management our team of Guides love visiting workplaces and reviewing an Evacuation Drill. We start with a meeting of the Warden Team and discuss how the evacuation may play out. We check with the team on different responsibilities and how they plan to ensure everyone escapes unharmed. We try and answer any questions that may arise and guide the team on how best to handle any specific scenarios.

During the Drill, we do not assist, we simply observe and monitor how people react under the circumstances. Keeping track of potential risks and opportunities for improvement.

After the all clear has been given and everyone has been sent back into the building, we then have a de-brief with the Warden Team to see what went well, and what could be even better if…? We look for areas of improvement and discuss any issues that may arise. We seek out areas of the Plan that may need adjustment and develop a strategy for improvement.

When completed, we will provide you with documented evidence of your evacuation drill for safe keeping in your Compliance Management Platform – PlanSafe. This will absolutely fulfil our obligations and provide you with a benchmark for any future drills.

Our aim is to build a better, safer Warden Team that understands and looks for potential risks during their everyday work lives.

Who’s our fire warden again? Wait, where did I see that?, I saw a picture In the Lunchroom.. Oh no, she left a couple of months ago..!! Ok, Ill be in charge… But I haven’t been trained..? I’m not sure what to do.. Is this a drill or.. ? Oh Goodness… Will someone turn off that damn noise, I can’t think..!!


Don’t let this be you, let’s work together, and plan to be safe…


Pre-Accreditation Review

In all businesses we have someone that wants to assess your performance. Here at ACM, we like to call them “The Department”. Those clipboard carrying, microscope toting industry Experts that like to push me outside my comfort zone and make decisions that impact my livelihood. We don’t all have a Compliance Team that rolls in at the first sign of a visit from “The Department” –

But Wait..! You do.

At Australian Compliance Management our team of Guides live and breathe fire safety and are well versed in many of the Legislated Requirements placed on different industries. From Childcare to Aged Care, Workplace Health and Safety and individual state-based Regulations, we can help you better understand what’s required and put in place systems that can take away the stress of “The Department” visiting.

Oh dear… here comes the Fire Service again to check that all my equipment is maintained… and what’s that Fire Safety & Emergency Management Plan thing they asked for last time??   I don’t have time for this.. I’m too busy trying to pay bills or employing new staff.. Don’t they know that I’m busy..??

WHAT…!! BREACH..??  Here goes the next month sorting this out.


Don’t let this be you, let’s work together, and plan to be safe…


New Acquisition Review

During the exciting times of growth, both acquisition and new build, we sometimes just focus on getting the deal done and hitting our target dates. We always make sure the big ticket items are taken care of. Building Leases, Staff, Electricity, Internet and the like. But sometimes it’s the less known items that can cause grief in the future.

At Australian Compliance Management our team of Guides understand every aspect of Fire Safety and have the qualifications to undertake the necessary Fire Safety Assessments in all States.  From ensuring the correct fire safety equipment is installed and maintained to the correct standard, checking for compliant and easy to read evacuation diagrams, reviewing emergency management plans and determining if staff have been trained correctly. These are some of the items that can add considerable cost to your overall budget.

Before you complete handover on your next acquisition or new build, let one of our Guides review your property and give you peace of mind that there won’t be any sneaky last-minute costs come and bite you.

What do you mean the Hydrant Pump needs a five yearly overhaul and its going to cost $7500..??!!

I only just purchased this business…!! Isn’t this the Landlords responsibility…?


Don’t let this be you, let’s work together, and plan to be safe…


People Have Asked

The term ‘audit’ can be quite intimidating to a lot of people, as they think they will get in trouble if anything in their workplace is non–compliant, however our Fire Safety Audits here at ACM have been developed more to assist and guide our customers, to help bring their building up to compliance. A Fire Safety Audit is a site visit we complete to check and advise on all things related to fire compliance that regulatory authorities may look for when completing their inspections. Our audits aren’t in place to point the finger at you and say ‘this is wrong and that is wrong’ as that doesn’t really help, we like a more beneficial approach that advises the issue, but then always follows up with advice and guidance on how to resolve this to help you become compliant.

It is beneficial to have a Fire Safety Audit completed, as you have a fresh set of eyes walking through your building to check that everything is safe and compliant. It gives you peace of mind as a building owner/Occupier that you are meeting your compliance obligations, and to ensure the safety of your employees and building Occupants.

During our Fire Safety audits, we look for items that regulatory authorities or “The Department” may look for during their audits, but we also go above and beyond to ensure that you are covered in all things fire safety from the legislation and Australian Standards perspective. Some items we look for include: 1) Do you have your Annual Certification e.g. in QLD an annual Occupiers Statement. 2) If you building is over 300sq, are there evacuation diagrams installed, and are they compliant with the legislation. 3) We do a walkthrough of your building to check paths of travel, exit doors and the like to ensure that all building occupants can evacuate safely if required. 4) We check that all of the fire equipment is being maintained on a regular basis, we may request copies of your maintenance records from your contractors.

A Fire Safety Audit should always be completed by a professional, who is licenced to carry out these types of inspections. In QLD, you need to ensure your audit is completed by a qualified Fire Safety Advisor, who has completed their Emergency Procedures qualification. In NSW, an annual audit needs to be completed by a qualified FPAS accredited person.

Upon completion of the audit, you should receive from your Fire Safety Advisor a full report which outlines all of the items that may need improvement and rectifications. We ensure that our reports include recommendations and suggestions as well that can improve your overall compliance. We also then work with you to resolve any of the non-compliances noted on the audit.

Here at Australian Compliance Management, we have a team of fully qualified Fire Safety Advisors and FPAS Accredited auditors, who are ready to help you work your way through the world of fire compliance.