Fire Warden Training

Australian Compliance Management provides Fire Warden Training (and other ECO Member Training) to ensure these persons are adequately trained to respond in an emergency situation. This is a requirement to remain compliant with AS 3745-2010.

Our PlanSafe training and compliance platform enables you to train your staff online rather than pay for face-to-face training. The training is also conducted in a site specific environment, which means your staff will conduct the training with the building they work in as a reference. The PlanSafe platform keeps track of training records to ensure staff are given refresher training when required. PlanSafe also monitors all of your Fire Evacuation Drill records and other documentation in order to help with your Fire Safety Compliance.

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General and First Responder Training

Occupants have a responsibility within the facilities emergency response procedures to ensure any staff have received General and First Responder Training.

Our platform, PlanSafe, focuses on the actions to be taken by all building occupants to ensure a safe and prompt response to any emergency, including fires, bomb and active threats, chemical incidents and terrorism.

PlanSafe is an Online training and compliance platform which uses building specific information and mapping to ensure your training is compliant throughout Australia with AS 3745-2010 and BFSR 2008 in QLD. PlanSafe Training is acknowledged in QLD by the QFES.

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