Emergency Evacuation Diagrams and Compliance Checks

Businesses are under a duty of care to ensure the safety of workers, customers, and other visitors to their buildings during an emergency. This requires the creation of an emergency evacuation plan that can be activated if needed. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) and Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws include crisis management responsibilities and regulations.

There are three stages in an Order of Evacuation, which may be given during a fire or another emergency. These stages dictate how an evacuation must be carried out:

  • Stage 1 involves the immediate evacuation of all occupants from the building or worksite
  • Stage 2 is a lateral evacuation that requires everyone on-site to move laterally to a safer area
  • Stage 3 is the partial evacuation of a building or site that is area-specific

Emergency evacuation diagrams are an important component of any fire safety and emergency response management system. Businesses are required to install evacuation signs and diagrams in all buildings to assist people with a speedy egress from the area during an emergency. Emergencies can cause even the calmest amongst us to panic and forget what to do to ensure safety. Evacuation signs represent emergency evacuation plans for a specific part of a building to remind occupants of the evacuation procedures.

Any evacuation diagrams must be clear and easy to follow. Australian Compliance Management can evaluate the clarity of emergency evacuation plan diagrams to determine if they are compliant with current regulations. Our team of compliance specialists will make recommendations for improvement, as needed.

Evacuation Diagram Development

During an emergency, evacuation plans and diagrams must be clear if they are to be helpful. Occupants should be able to quickly assess the directions in the diagram and follow them to safety. Evacuation diagrams should include:

  • Information about evacuation procedures
  • Location of the nearest emergency exits
  • Location of fire equipment
  • Details on assembly areas
  • Emergency contacts

It is best to keep the diagrams simple, with a basic layout of the floor plan. The signs, and all words and symbols printed on them, should be large enough to be seen clearly. Using a colour-coded system can help make directions easier to follow. Evacuation diagrams should be placed near high-traffic areas to ensure they are seen by building occupants.

Australian Compliance Management works with your on-site team to gather information about your company’s emergency evacuation plan. We then design clear and concise emergency evacuation diagrams and provide electronic PDF versions. Our diagrams are accompanied by detailed instructions to ensure they are installed correctly. Installation assistance is available on request.

Our designs are easily customisable and can include company branding. They are available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and the locations where they will be placed.

Replacement Evacuation Diagrams

Evacuation diagrams are required to meet Australian Standard AS 3745-2010: Planning for Emergencies in Facilities. It is compulsory to replace diagrams every five years. Any changes to a building’s layout and design or its fire and evacuation plan will also require evacuation diagrams to be updated and replaced.

We will evaluate your signage to ensure:

  • It is in an ideal location and position to ensure occupants see it
  • It is oriented correctly and includes the “You are here” designation to help users quickly identify their location and the direction in which they need to move in order to evacuate
  • It contains the mandated elements for compliance

Australian Compliance Management can evaluate your building’s current emergency evacuation diagrams to determine if they comply. We will compare your current diagrams with your emergency evacuation plan to ensure they agree. Our team will provide recommendations for updating, if necessary. Replacement diagrams are designed and delivered as electronic PDFs.

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