Legislation was updated in AS3745-2010 which set requirements for buildings to have Emergency Evacuation Diagrams installed. ACM can ensure your Diagrams are completed to a professional standard and are compliant with current legislation.

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams Compliance Checks

It is a requirement that buildings install Evacuation Signs and Diagrams to assist people trying to exit the building in an emergency.

Buildings are required to display evacuation signs that show the procedures for evacuation from that part of the building represented in the diagram. Australian Compliance Management will check that your current Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are compliant.

Diagram Development

Australian Compliance Management will work with your team to gather information to ensure all of the requirements of the Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are included. We will then produce electronic PDF versions of your diagrams along with detailed instruction to ensure these are installed correctly. We are also able to assist with this installation if required.

Replacement Diagrams

Emergency Evacuation Diagrams are required to be updated at scheduled periods or when any changes are made to building or Fire Safety equipment. To make sure the most current version is available, Australian Compliance Management will be able to update any changes on the diagrams and provide you with a more current version when required.

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